Service Offering



You didn’t start a business to track your cash flow or reconcile accounts. But we did!

Bookkeeping isn’t just about your bank balances or your taxes; a clean set of books gives you a clear financial picture on which to base your decisions.

This important part of any business is often perceived as a chore and put off until tax filings are due.

On the other hand, you might consistently do your bookkeeping every week or month, but it takes up time and energy that could be spent elsewhere.

That means more time and energy growing your business or more time spent enjoying whatever and whomever you work so hard for.

Anik’s Books can take this burden off your mind.

Our collaborative approach takes the chore off your desk while acknowledging that the responsibility will always remain with you, the business owner.

We take the time to teach you how to review your data so we can understand your expectations and use that knowledge in all aspects of our work.

From weekly/monthly data entry to bank and credit card reconciliations, from daily sales receipts to monthly journal entries, Anik’s Books has a completely remote service offering to meet your needs.

Accounts Receivable

Together, we can review the processes your business has in place for invoicing and receiving payments.

We offer various levels of accounts receivable services to meet your needs, from full-service accounts receivable to implementing improved processes to make all your invoicing easier.

Accounts Payable

Together, we can review the processes your business has in place for tracking and paying bills.

We offer various levels of accounts payable services to meet your needs, from full-service accounts payable to implementing improved processes to make tracking all your bills easier.


Anik’s Books offers both full-service and self-service payroll.

Self-Service – You are in full control with our dedicated support.

Our payroll partner provides a user-friendly interface, allowing you to run your own payroll with confidence, knowing your payroll taxes are reported and paid on time.

Full-Service – You provide the information; we take care of everything else.

Whatever choice you make, we’ve got you covered!

Payroll and salary

Training and Support

Different business owners want various levels of involvement with data entry, and different internal processes will determine how much of your bookkeeping Anik’s Books can take over.

We can train you to perform any tasks that we can’t take off your hands.

We offer QBO training so you can handle your own bookkeeping with confidence, knowing that our team is here for you.

Our selection of Training and Support offerings include scheduled meetings and unlimited secure correspondence through our dedicated platform, Liscio.

Whatever level of Training and Support you need, Anik’s Books has you covered!

Tech Stack

Technology offers many options: what apps to use and how do we integrate them with QBO?

When properly set up and supported, app integrations can improve your internal processes and increase efficiency and accuracy.

If your integrations are not set up properly, they will create more problems than they solve.

If your integrations are not getting the regular maintenance they need, you will end up with a mess on your hands.

Anik’s Books experience with accounting technology and integration implementation will take the pain out of this part of your accounting experience.

Accountability coaching

Accountability Coaching

Being a business owner is HARD!

We get in our own way and make mistakes we could have avoided… if only we had seen things a little more clearly.

Accountability coaching is about learning to listen to your own words and thoughts to hear the ways in which you—as a business owner and a human being—are getting in your own way.

Together, we will discuss ways to create processes in your practice to address systematic pain points. We help you find ways to hold yourself increasingly accountable so that you can grow into the business owner your business needs to succeed.

With your intimate knowledge of your business and our experience with many industries over the years, we can help you keep your actions aligned with your goals.

Together, we can bring back the energy that made you want to start this business in the first place!