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About Anik

With the inception of Anik’s Books, Anik has been serving the small business community since 2010. She has championed the use of QuickBooks Online as a cloud-based accounting solution to meet the needs of her clients in a 21st-century economy.

Since May 2022, Anik has been taking full advantage of this technology by embracing the digital nomad lifestyle. She now travels the West Coast with her two kitties in her 20’ travel trailer, following the sun.

While helping clients implement new technologies and develop and optimize efficient work processes, Anik often found herself doing so much more than bookkeeping; she found clients benefited greatly when they got help understanding their financial reports and being held accountable in their role as business owners.

Seeing the difference this extra support made for clients navigating the mess that was 2020, Anik’s Books officially rolled out accountability coaching services at the beginning of 2021.

Anik has always been in awe of the great things small business owners accomplish; she considers being an integral part of our clients’ ongoing success a blessing.

About Angela

Angela’s passion for numbers is contagious. Reviewing financials with her is akin to listening to the stories these numbers hold. This, along with an uncanny ability to absorb information quickly, makes her an asset to any business—we are so happy to have her!

Her love of numbers and people led her to complete an MBA graduate degree at Rutgers, with a concentration in Accounting and Strategy as well as a BA degree in Finance. Her formal training, along with two decades of real-world experience, has solidified her role as a notable financial consultant.

Growing up in New York City, Angela has a down-to-earth, quick-paced, no-nonsense approach to life in general and accounting in particular. She is an avid researcher who will enjoy learning about any aspect of your business she is not already familiar. She will ask tough questions and keep you informed about the financial health of your business.

Helping business owners make informed strategic decisions for their businesses and providing accurate and up-to-date financial information has always brought her joy. She is looking forward to sharing her gifts with the small business owners that choose Anik’s Books.


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