Tahoe Chamber Virtual Town Hall – March 20, 2020


Today’s virtual townhall had a lot of great information for our community. We compiled the key takeaways here.

The Tahoe Chamber has a resource hub for COVID-19 found here.

The Chamber will continue to host virtual town halls as well as other virtual meetings with the different sectors of Tahoe’s economy.

Steve Teshara, CEO of Tahoe Chamber, encouraged everyone to complete their survey, here.

One of the most important pieces of information from the Town Hall this morning was that the Chamber is being contacted by representatives from our State and Federal Governments as relief and stimulus bills are being debated. The more they know about your business (by filling out their survey and contacting them directly) the better they can answer questions and get the help this community needs.

With shelter-in-place being declared and all possible health measures in place, focus by our city government is now shifting to helping business owners and employees.

The city council had an emergency session this afternoon to ratify Mayor Collin’s declaration of emergency for the city of South Lake Tahoe.


Claims are typically made about losses incurred by physical damages. As such, most policies will not cover economic damage incurred by the pandemic by default. Work is being down to lobby the State Insurance Commissioner to force policies to recognize damage caused by the pandemic.

Vacancy Clauses: If your business is closed for an indefinite amount of time due to this crisis you run the risk of nullifying or weakening your insurance policy by violating its vacancy clause. Consult your insurance broker and policy to find what steps need to be taken to maintain your insurance on your business assets.

Knowingly allowing a sick employee to continue working can open you up to serious liability at this time – tell your employees to stay home if they are sick!

Taxes and Fees

The City is looking into what measures can be taken to lower this burden on business owners

How the City will Communicate with Us

The City’s website will be updated. All of the council meetings are live-streamed and available as video on demand. 

Mayor Collin will be doing interviews on Lake Tahoe TV.

City Emergency Declaration

The declaration allows the City to access  state and federal funds. 

The declaration also puts a moratorium on residential evictions for the duration of the emergency or May 31, whichever is sooner.

From today’s city council meeting: The city can potentially issue the same moratorium for commercial properties under the Governor’s executive order. However it wouldn’t be as straightforward to implement legally. The City Council wants to hear more about this and is willing to meet and potentially implement it in future sessions.

Expanded Police Response and Enforcement

A question was asked about increased patrols to protect empty businesses during the emergency, however the only answer was the police department is handling it.

Another question was asked if police enforcement or fines will be levied on businesses not complying with shelter in place directives. The city has not made a decision regarding that yet.

Restaurants staying open will be their own decision. The Chamber has a list of restaurants open here.

Talk to your insurance agent, your landlord, suppliers… everyone you do business with on a regular basis!

This was reiterated over and over. Each relationship will be personal and unique. It will be necessary to go advocate for yourself and your business to work with your regular business partners to find workable solutions through this crisis.