Black Lives Matter: Now is the Time To Speak Up


As the nation mourns the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and cries out against the systemic racism that allowed it to happen, Anik’s Books stands in solidarity with all people demonstrating and fighting against the unjust system which continually allows for violence against vulnerable and marginalized American communities.

As the beneficiaries of centuries of imperial colonialism and white supremacy, we understand that we have no choice but to voice our outrage at the continued perpetration of systemic injustice; silence is not an option.

The murder of George Floyd was a gross miscarriage of justice. It, sadly, was not surprising. His murder is the result of the racist and white supremacist institutions which serve to brutalize, oppress, and dehumanize people of color.

Now is the time to empower and enfranchise black and POC communities as they fight for essential justice and reform at the institutional level. This struggle for justice is one we must all contribute towards – “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” There are many ways we can, and must, add our voices to the cries for justice and equality.

Seth has been actively participating in the local vigils and protests. As a white male, he feels it is imperative to listen to the grievances of those directly affected in order to be a better ally.

Anik is not so outgoing, so she has been unusually vocal on social media instead, doing what she can to gather more outspoken voices to affect the online dialogue.

Solidarity is important and vital, but those organizing and advocating for institutional reform also need us to put our money where our mouths are; Anik’s Books is contributing financially by donating to these two great organizations: 

Black Visions Collective is a Minnesota based Black, Queer, and Trans led organization working to promote justice for African-Americans in the Twin Cities and the Nation.

Campaign Zero is working to develop and promote research-based policy solutions to end police brutality in America. Their new initiative, #8CantWait, identified eight specific policies for police departments to implement in order to drastically reduce police killings.

There are many great advocacy and activist groups that will continue to advance these causes, with your financial support; join us in donating to these 2 organizations or tell us about the causes you choose to support!

These are just 3 ways in which we at Anik’s Books have chosen to stand up and make a difference. George Floyd was murdered and his killers are being brought to justice. Breonna Taylor was murdered and her case has been reopened. Cities are committing to reforming their police departments across the nation. All 50 states, and many countries around the world, have spoken up and we are being heard. There are as many ways to make your voice heard as there are voices, so we hope you will join us in crying out to make sure the systemic racism that plagues our nation does not get swept under the rug once again.

We would love to hear how you are adding your voice to make a change!